Use of the definite article

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It will be used:

It will not be used:

a) Before a title of Persons

El Sr. Pérez, el Dr. Martín

a)- Before the names:

José Juan...

- Before the titles in direct addressing:

Mire esto, señor Gómez.

Look at this, Mr. Gómez.

b) Before some countries (but not always): (La) Argentina, (La) China, (La) India, (El) Japón, (Los) Estados Unidos

- Before some few cities: La Habana, La Paz. El Cairo

- Before countries and cities accompanied by an adjective:

La Suiza alemana, La alegre Barcelona.

The German Swizerland, The gay Barcelona

b) - Before all other countries

Alemania, España... etc.

c) Before the days of the week: El lunes es fiesta. Monday is a holiday

- Before a certain period or time: El año pasado, la próxima semana, a las 2 en punto.

- Last year, - Next week, - At two o'clock

c) - Before the days of the week after the verb "to be":

Hoy es martes. Today is Tuesday

d) Nouns with uncertain meaning.

La música, el arte. The music, the art

- Before parts of body after to "have".

Tienes los ojos azules.

You have blue eyes

- Before music instruments and sports.

Él toca la guitarra.

He plays guitar

Juega al tenis.

He plays tennis

- Football teams:

El Manchester,

El Real Madrid.

The Manchester football team

d) - Before the ways of transportation with the preposition "en":

Voy en tren.

I go by train.

Viajo en avión.

I travel by plain.