Superlative adjectives

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El, la, los, las MÁS..... DE

Es el más alto de todos.

He is the tallest of all of them.

El, la, los, las MENOS.. DE

Es la menos lista del grupo.

She is the less intelligent of the group.

- If a noun is used, it will be placed after the article.

Es la ciudad más grande del mundo.

It is the biggest city of the world.


Muy + Adjective

La casa es muy vieja.

The house is very old.


Adjective + ÍSIMO / -A / -S

La casa es viejísima.

The house is very, very old.

- The adverb "MUY" can be replaced by another such as: super or immensly

Es muy rico

Es enormemente rico.

Es super rico.

He is very rich

He is immensely rich.

He is super rich.