La voz activa y pasiva

La voz activa y pasiva

If the action expressed in a sentence is performed by the subject himself then we have an active sentence.

La niña lava.

The girl washes.

If in that sentence, the subject is the one receiving the action of the verb then we have a passive one.

La niña es lavada.

The girl is being washed.


Los soldados

The soldiers



la batalla.

the battle.






La batalla

The battle

fue ganada

was won

por los soldados.

by the soldiers.

- It always uses the preposition "POR" and the verb "SER".

- The verb "SER" will  take the same tense, used in the active sentence and precedes the participle of that verb.

- The participle takes number and gender of the subject.

La niña fue lavada por la madre.

The girl was washed by the mother.

Los niños fueron lavados por la madre.

The boys were washed by the mother.

- A passive sentence can also be formed with the pronoun "SE" (people, we, one) followed by the verb in the active form.

Se habla francés.

Here we speak French